Wedding is Coming: Awesome Game of Thrones Save-The-Date

Video: Vimeo

By now, Game of Thrones' cultural influence is as wide-reaching as the great continent of Westeros itself. There's an official cookbook. SNL hilariously spoofed the show's fans. And now, we've stumbled upon an ingenious save the date from Vancouver couple Aaron and Liz, who, if it even needs mentioning, read all George R. R. Martin's books and watch the HBO show faithfully.
Plus:The New Wedding Rules

Instead of sending word of their August wedding via raven, Aaron, a video editor, and his bride-to-be Liz picked scenes from the show and spliced them together to deliver their big-day deets. (They didn't even need to dub names-there really are characters whose names sound like Aaron and Liz on GoT.) "Most of our friends went crazy for it; others accused us of being terrible nerds," the couple wrote to us in an email. "In all cases, mission accomplished." Now for the million-Golden-Dragon-coin question: Will their backyard nuptials be GoT-themed? "While that would obviously be amazing," they said, "we're just going to have little touches here and there. Watch out for the world's silliest cake toppers."
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