Watch This Pretend Couple Break Up Speaking Exclusively in Movie Titles

Breakups are hard. What’s even harder is fitting all of the accusations, excuses, and insults into one argument using only the titles of movies. Incredibly, comedy troupe POYKPAC proves it's indeed possible, and the entire exchange still makes perfect sense.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Feb. 11 and already has about 160,000 views, features a pregnant woman and her husband who decide to get divorced during a dinner that revealed infidelity — he with the “Girl Next Door” and she with “Jack,” “The Doctor,” and “The Artist” — and sex addiction. Even with the script's limited vocabulary options, the conversation doesn't skimp on plot twists and character development, gets in some nasty name-calling (a hallmark of any respectable breakup), and even throws the waitress a few lines.

Using only 154 movie titles (including “Phffft” expressed for exasperation and “It” as place filler), Ryan Hunter, who helped write the script and plays the husband in the sketch, said in a comment on the video that writing took “two long, frustrating days spent wanting to throw my computer out the window and IMDb with it.”

Maybe the group should consider renaming itself “The Incredibles.”