Are You My Type? 5 Tips for Finding Your Wedding Font

By Rachel Wilkerson,
Have you ever looked at gorgeous wedding stationery online and wondered how to get that look for your own invitations, save-the-dates, or escort cards? Us too! So today we're going into the wild, National Geographic-style, to spot the fonts used on some of the most popular styles of wedding stationery. As you design your dream wedding invitations, here are some fonts you may want to consider using.
1. Old-timey/Western Invitations

Photo by: Meghan Hopkins Sokorai on And Here We Are via
As more and more couples throw whimsical weddings, fun, old-timey invitations like these are becoming more popular. This invitations uses Edwardian Script, Goudy Handtooled, and Rosewood. You might also consider the rest of Adobe's lovely Old Western font collection; we love Mesquite and Juniper.
2. Minimalist and Modern Invitations

Modern Type Wedding Invitations by Oscar & Emma From Minted via
Anyone planning a sleek modern wedding knows that basics can be beautiful. This invitation uses two extremely common fonts (Quicksand and Gill Sans), but the colors and size variations add a ton of interest. Sometimes less really is more.
3. Elegant Traditional Invitations

Photo by: Robin Nathan Photography on Robin Nathan Photography via
If you're planning a classic wedding and want traditional invitations that don't look fussy, a beautiful and modern script is crucial. While most traditional invitations include custom scripts that can be hard to track down, we recommend the following options that are trending on wedding announcements right now: Exmouth, Adios Pro, and Almibar. For the body copy, try Copperplate, an engraved-style serif.
4. Chalkboard Invitations

Photo by: Jen Simpson Design on Jen Simpson Design via
Chalkboard wedding details are so hot right now; we expect to see chalkboard stationery trending through 2014. These invitations actually feature two popular fonts we already shared: Adios Pro and Goudy Handtooled. Chalkboard stationery is a beautiful choice for couples who like the old-timey look but want to give it an elegant, modern twist.
5. Pretty Vintage Invitations

A More Perfect Union Wedding Invitations by Jennifer Wick From Minted via
We're obsessed with vintage weddings these days, and simple, pretty stationery inspired by your grandparents' wedding invitations sets a lovely tone for your retro wedding. Vintage-style stationery tends to combine a classic font with a mid-century vibe in the body (like the Courier New Medium seen here) with a delicate script (we love Burgues Script and Mardian). In a soft pastel palette, the overall effect is gorgeous, graceful, and totally grandma-approved.
Most of these type faces are available at vastly different prices from many different foundries, and many are already owned by your average designer. Whether you're working with a designer or buying your invitations online, knowing what fonts you like can help you select the perfect paper products for your wedding.
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