Top 5 Dog Breeds that Can Land You a Date

Whether you're male or female, these canines may be your best mates when it comes to getting dates.

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For Men: #5: French bulldogs

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These pups are strong and muscular, and they make excellent companions. No wonder they make men more appealing in women's eyes.

For Women: #5: Beagles

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Maybe it's because they have a hunting instinct, or it could be because of their pleasant nature, but beagles make the list of dogs that make women seem more appealing.

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For Men: #4: Siberian huskies

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Their striking blue eyes and outgoing personalities make these animals -- and their owners -- a draw for many women.

For Women: #4: Poodles

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One of the smartest of all dog breeds, poodles appeal to both sexes -- but it was the men who said these curly haired companions make women more date-worthy.

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For Men: #3: Labrador retrievers

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It seems that both sexes are turned on by people who own these playful pups!

For Women: #3: Chihuahuas

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Before all you lap-dog lovers get too excited, we should note that the men polled said they'd be attracted to women with these types of dogs probably more for a one-night stand than anything long-term.

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For Men: #2: Golden retrievers

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The kind, loyal golden is another animal that has cross-gender appeal.

For Women: #2: Labrador Retrievers

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Women who own Labs are perceived as more active and fun, probably because they have to be that way to keep up with their pooches!

For Men: #1: German shepherds

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Topping the list of dogs that attract women are these iconic police dogs, which are fearless and protective by nature. No surprise there!

For Women: #1: Golden retrievers

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These dogs are trusting, gentle, kind and intelligent -- and they top the list of dogs that attract men!

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