If the All the Tigers on Tinder Could Speak, These Would Be Their Dating Tips

by Gena Kaufman

Giovanni Giannoni/WWD
Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

If you've spent any time online dating or just looking over a friend's shoulder as she flips through potential matches, you've spotted this wild trend: tigers.

Yes, the photo equivalent of saying something totally cliche that he thinks is actually original ("There's no such thing as a typical Friday night!") is a profile picture with a tiger. Finance guys have them, artsy guys have them, nerdy guys have them. You can see scores of guys posing with the beasts on Tumblrs like Tinder Guys with Tigers. Name-dropping is out; tiger-dropping is in. In fact, it's so in that it's now also a cliche to have a statement in your profile commenting on all the tiger pictures. ("What's up with all the guys with tigers in their photos? Anyway, I love to work hard and play hard!" Ugh.)

The tiger trend raises of a lot of questions--Do guys think this makes them look adventurous? Tough? Do they seriously all think this makes them stand out? Is this safe? Is it an ethical treatment of animals?--but really, what must the tigers think of all this? If they could offer their dating tips to the gentlemen who seek out their company for photos to impress the ladies, here's what they'd probably advise...

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"Women don't need you to take on a tiger. Just have a job, maybe get the first round, and also leave me alone please."

"You really shouldn't sit so close to me. I could eat you in one bite. Just saying."

"I think you misunderstood her when she said she's a cat person."

"You know what makes a perfect date meal? Frosted Flakes. My friend Tony told me they're grrrrreat."

"The best way to get to know someone is in their natural habitat. Now could you go to hers and get out of mine? Great, thanks."

"The ladies and the lions love that Katy Perry 'Roar' song, guy."

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"Don't ask to have your leftovers boxed up to take home after a dinner date. Unless it is a steak and then bring it to me."

"Sometimes girls accidentally swipe right because they're Tinder-ing while their manicure dries. Don't take it personally. Trust me, I know about clumsy paws!"

"Dudes, maybe a little less time on picking up chicks, a little more effort for wildlife conservancy."

Have you noticed the tiger pictures trend? What other types of photos do you see all the time? I feel like the old thing used to be the "holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa"-type photos!

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