There's No Such Thing as Too Many Single Men, Except in These Places You Should Move to Immediately

by Gena Kaufman

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And now, your weekend update of places to consider moving because they're filled with single men...

OK, maybe you wouldn't actually relocate for your love life, but it never hurts to keep informed about where the latest man-surges are. This week, I've seen two discussions about places in the U.S. that are overloaded on men, a.k.a. dream worlds. Let's take a look at where they are, and the pros and cons of immediately packing up and moving there.

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1. Rural Midwestern towns: Evidently new census data shows that in small towns in rural areas of Kansas and Nebraska, the proportion of young men is increasing more quickly than that of young women--in some of the smallest communities, the ratio of men to women increased by as much as 200 percent! Evidently, the rural communities don't provide the same opportunities to women when it comes to traditionally male jobs like agriculture.

Pros: Great if you aren't a city person. I am, but I know a lot of women who aren't.
Cons: Pre-dawn rise times. Nothing wrong with working in agriculture, but as a woman who grew up with lots of farming family members, that schedule is not on my list of pluses for a job.

Pro: Low cost of living, I assume. Certainly at least compared with NYC anyway.
Con: People always making jokes about living in a flyover state. Take it from a native Ohio girl--you get sick of "So…what else is there besides corn?" comments.

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2. Seattle. Not to be outdone by its fellow Western, tech-centric city San Francisco, where dating companies are literally flying women out there to correct the imbalance, Seattle resident and writer Jeff Reifman recently crunched the numbers to determine that Seattle has a serious man overload. He claims that part of the reason is the effect of the large presence of Amazon, which hires a tons of people, most of whom are dudes.

Pro: It's raining men.
Con: It's also just raining, like all the time.

Pro: You'll always be perfectly caffeinated.
Con: Living in a city where one of the major employers has a gender distribution that's 75 percent male, can a girl even get a job to need coffee for? Ugh.

Well, nowhere's perfect, right?

Anybody live in Seattle or a small Midwestern town want to report their experiences? How do you feel about the male-female ratio where you live?

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