T-Rex Terrorizes Bridal Party: Best Wedding Photograph Ever?

courtesy Quinn Miller
courtesy Quinn Miller

If you think your drunk uncle is a bad guest, just take a look at who crashed this wedding.

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Conceived by Louisiana photographer Quinn Miller for his friend James Lowder's wedding to Katie Young at The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana on Sunday, the image shows the terrified bridal party being chased by a massive T-Rex.

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Miller tells Yahoo! Shine very few people at the wedding knew of his plan, but the bride and groom were both completely game. "After we took our formal pictures, we set up the shot. They [the wedding party] really sold it. They are what made it work."

He acknowledges that he has seen similar Jurassic-inspired pictures before. "I've seen it done twice," he told Good Morning America. But he thought he could do a better job, "I'm really nit-picky about Photoshop."

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Miller re-touched and posted the photo on his Facebook page early Monday morning with the note "Things got really crazy at the Lowder wedding last night" and the image immediately went viral. "I mean, I know it would be popular but I've already doubled the 'likes' on my Facebook page," he said on Wednesday when the photo had received 800 "likes." By Thursday morning, that number had more than quadrupled. One commenter, who attended the wedding, joked, "If you live in St.Francisville, only leave your house if necessary. Keep your eyes open." Another quipped, "Is that the mother-in-law?"

Jamie Miles, an editor at theknot.com, an online resource for all things nuptial, thinks we're going to see more couples choosing to commission creative wedding photographs. "It is definitely on the rise," she tells Yahoo! Shine. "People are getting comfortable with letting their personality show through and photos are getting edgier." She points out that the trend also "sets the tone for your wedding. Untraditional wedding photos say 'this couple is fun and I'm going to have a great time celebrating with them.'" If people don't want to go as wild as Miller's T-Rex photo, she says she's seen cute images of the groomsmen all ripping open their formal shirts to show superhero tees underneath or pulling up their cuffs to reveal funky colored sox, for example. Using clever techniques such as re-touching or even stop motion are also becoming more common.

For his part, Miller doesn't see radically changing his business and focusing on crazy wedding pictures. "I mainly do portraiture and design work," he tells Yahoo! Shine. "I got this idea because the groom really loves dinosaurs."

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