New Study: His Size Does Matter says the size of you guy's peen might matter. says the size of you guy's peen might matter.

New Study: His Size Does Matter Bad news for guys on the, um, smaller side: A new study found that size does matter in bed…for some women.

By Korin Miller

For the study, researchers from the University of the West of Scotland had 323 women answer an online survey that tracked what they did in bed over the previous month. In the survey, they noted how often they orgasmed, what type of orgasm they had, and the size of their partner's penis.

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According to the survey results, women who have frequent vaginal orgasms have an easier time hitting the big O with guys who have a longer penis. Women who prefer to have penile-vaginal sex (instead of oral or other types of sex) also say it's easier for them to climax with a guy who is bigger.

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Okay, it's worth pointing out that the whole size issue only matters to women who usually have vaginal Os instead of clitoral Os. So, if your man isn't the biggest you've ever seen, don't stress: Just make sure he pays extra-special attention to your clitoris.

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