Sorry, Boyfriends: 1 in 10 Women Love THIS More Than Their Partner

by Gena Kaufman

David Tsay
David Tsay

Man's best friend might have just become his mortal enemy due to stealing his woman.

According to a survey by a British animal charity, one in 10 women admitted to loving her pet more than her partner. Another third said they have equal feelings for their pet and their partner. So just FYI, only about 60 percent of women actually love their significant other more than their dog/cat/ferret/pet rock.* I still think pet people are kind of weird, but after those kind of numbers, maybe I should just give up this whole boyfriend search and get myself a furry little companion of the canine variety, huh?

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Even if they don't place their pet above their man in the rankings of their heart, pets still play a major role in relationships. More than half of women said they would seek comfort from their pet after a fight with their husband. And if ignored by their guy, another 39 percent would seek affection from their pet.

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Watch your backs, guys. Fido's making his move into your woman's heart. (W)Oof.

*I have no confirmation anyone chose a pet rock.

Are you one of the 10 percent who prefer their pet to their partner? Tell!

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