Social Media Evidence Used in Divorce Cases [infographic]

By now, we all know to be careful about what we post online because it can affect our personal and professional lives. But did you know that your latest Facebook update or a quick Tweet could land you in legal trouble? More and more, attorneys are using information garnered from social media as evidence in court. In fact, since 2010, social media has been a key part of nearly 700 cases. Here, you'll find more shocking statistics, as well as some descriptions of past cases that have used social media. For example, a woman on trial for a drunk driving accident was sentenced to two years in prison after prosecutors found photos of her drinking on MySpace. You'll also see how social media has played a role in some key divorce cases, such as with Stephen and Courtney Gallion, in which a judge ordered them to turn over their the passwords to their Facebook and online dating accounts to get the truth about their relationship. We're pretty sure these people have learned their lesson about careless social media sharing - and after reading this infographic provided byDishon & Block Family Law Attorneys, hopefully you, too, can learn from their mistakes.

Graphic Courtesy of Dishon & Block Family Law Attorneys