Would You Rent a Boyfriend for the Holidays?! 7 Things to Consider

Photo by: Photo Credit: Flickr.com/onegoodtum.
A Great Face
If I'm going to pay to have a man stand by my side during the holidays, he has to have a great face. He can't be a mediocre looking guy. Give me GQ-cover hot. Imagine showing up with a rented boyfriend that's the twin of George Costanza? What's the point?!
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The holiday season is upon us and I am single yet again. 35. No husband. No boyfriend. Not even a potential suitor on the horizon. I didn't think I'd had to answer to "you don't have a boyfriend?' over another piece of turkey. And the stares. My family members will glance at me with pity, particularly those couples who are so happy and in love. Poor Sujeiry, they'll whisper. We really thought the last boyfriend would stick. Bah humbug! So, what is a single gal to do? Accept it - unless you're one of a growing number of women in China renting a boyfriend to please their parents during the holiday season. Yes, you read that right! If I could summon a boyfriend ala Debrah Messing's character (Kat Ellis ) in The Wedding Date, I would. But I can't afford a male escort that looks as fine and is as convincing as Dermot Mulroney. With my luck I'd get a 70-year-old escort with liver spots. A girl can dream, however. I can imagine a perfect holiday boyfriend, even if I cannot summon him. Click through for 7 things to look for in a holiday boyfriend! -By Sujeiry Gonzalez


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