Relax, Boyfriend: Women Seriously Only Have Eyes for Their Own Guy

by Gena Kaufman

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When it comes to jealousy, a little goes a long way. A lot, on the other hand, goes a quick way to getting dumped, if you ask me. The point is, it can be cute when your boyfriend pouts a little when you mention your trainer's insane 18-pack abs or when the bartender gives you a free drink. It's not even a little cute when he overdoes it and flies into a rage every time you make a contact with another guy.

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Because you're a grown-up who's allowed to interact with other humans, and he should trust you. And if that wasn't good enough for him (it should be), there's now scientific evidence he probably has nothing to worry about. According to a study of heterosexual, women in relationships tend to be actually biased against other guys. Women were asked to recall behavioral traits of good-looking men they could potentially date. Women who were in relationships were more likely to remember negative traits of attractive men.

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See? Tell your boyfriend you've only got eyes for him. I mean, OK, your eyes noticed your trainers abs and arms. But they also noticed how he only speaks in motivational cliches and thinks a special dinner is a protein shake with an extra banana. Your guy and a pizza are all you want to see tonight.

Does your guy ever get jealous? In a cute or not-so-cute way? Do you notice yourself being more critical of other guys when you're happily in a relationship?

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