Real Women's Craziest Turn-Ons


Daniel Bergner's new book What Do Women Want? attempts to unlock "mysterious secrets" of female desire. (Hint: One claim details the search for female Viagra.) Except it's 2013-if you want to know, just ask. Our Facebook fans were more than happy to share what really gets them going.

Randy and sandy
"As a Jersey girl, hitting the shore every summer is a must. While we're down the shore, I'm definitely in the mood, but it's on the hour-plus ride back home that I really can't control myself. I can still smell the salty air in the car and on our clothes. My husband looks forward to coming home from the shore almost as much as going there!" - Kori R.

Wild, wild west
"Several years ago, my husband and I went to a photographer specializing in Old West photography. We wore costumes that looked like they were from the 19th century, and my husband's included a cowboy hat. In true 1800's fashion, we didn't smile in the photo. I can't tell you how much it turned me on to see my husband in that cowboy hat with a smoldering look on his face! He looked so sexy that I went out and bought him a cowboy hat to wear sometimes when we're getting crazy." - Suzanne B.

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The secret garden
"I love how laundry smells when it's in the dryer and the aroma of fabric softener infuses the air. In my imagination, I'm in a garden, and it's the perfect romantic atmosphere. The flowers make me feel beautiful and clean." - Eileen D.

Fuzzy wuzzy

"When I put my arms around my boyfriend's waist, I like to caress a little hairy patch on his lower back. It feels so soft, and I love the amazing curves of his body. He's threatened to shave it off, but he knows I how much I like it. He keeps it there just for my pleasure!" - Jackie W.

In his shoes
"I get turned on when I see his empty shoes in front of the closet door; specifically, his old, worn moccasins. I picture him putting them on to go off into the world, and then slipping out of them when he returns to tell me about his day. I also look at those moccasins and remember all the places we've been together." - Nancy I.

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It's the little things
"I love walking in after work and seeing my husband unloading the dishwasher. I'm so happy I don't have to do it that I think, 'He is getting some tonight!'" - Jennifer D.

Playing hardball
"I dated a car salesman, and sometimes when we were on the phone, he'd say, 'Hang on,' then to someone in the background, 'You tell him our bottom-dollar is $28,500.' Whew, did I get turned on hearing him negotiate!" - Joy H.

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Whisk-ed away
"When I met my husband 18 years ago, all the guys I knew drank beer, and I thought it was so gross. Mario was different; he drank whiskey. Now when he pulls out his bottle of Jack, I flash back to our first dates. I remember the times we shared before kids, bills, and all the other stuff that comes with being adults. It reminds me of being young and crazy." - Carolyn C.

The polyglot
"My man speaks several languages: English, Danish, Spanish, and Punjabi. Out of all those languages, it's the Danish dialect that really turns me on. What really gets me going is hearing the way he greets his mom (weird, I know) when she calls. When he says, 'Hi, Mor,' I really get hot under the collar!" - Ebony S.

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