Real-Life Dating Red Flags

by Marissa Gold

Kate Powers
Kate Powers

Initially, that unfunny joke or call to his mom (in the middle of your date) might seem excusable. After all, we're supposed to go easy on guys and give them the benefit of the doubt, right? Sometimes your brain says "RUN. NOW!" but your hormones say "Nah, he's cute." So we let it slide, give it time, and proceed with the relationship...

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But 9 times out of 10, our instincts were correct. That strange comment or weird moment was, in fact, a red flag all along (and might even be the exact reason you break up). If only we trusted our gut and just ended things right then and there.

In order to help save you from investing too much time in a bad relationship, we polled our staff to share a few red flags they've witnessed--real gems that basically guarantee a guy is a little off. These red flags actually happened to us. Don't let them happen to you:

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Red Flags Witnessed by Our Staff:
"He said that he and his last girlfriend are 'best friends' now."
"He told me, verbatim, 'I don't have any emotions.'"
"His parents still paid his rent (he was 30)."
"He talked about his mother and ex-girlfriend within 30 minutes of sitting down for a first date."
"When I asked what he does, he just said he was 'working on something big.'"
"The only places he'd traveled to were Miami and Acapulco."
"He said all of his exes were crazy."
"He launched into an unsolicited discussion about how he has a problem with commitment."
"He Liked all his own Facebook photos and check-ins."
"He smelled his foot at the dinner table. Just lifted up his foot and smelled it."
"He was more than an hour late to meet me. Twice."
"After a late dinner on a weeknight, I headed home (it was midnight). He hailed a taxi to go out."

We know you've heard and seen some things worth sharing! Please let us know in the comments below.

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