Poll: Is the Gym Off-Limits as a Pick-Up Spot?

a class at a gym

Recently, Johnny, one of our most loyal commenters on EMandLO.com, posted the following in response to our Blog Snog partner's article "Guys of Reddit share the cheesy pickup lines that actually kind of work":
The lesson behind those corny pickup lines is that women like an outgoing guy. It's not the lines that worked for them. It's the fact that they had the balls to express their attraction in a cheesy-but-harmless way. The only "line" I ever really used is one of the oldest in the book. When girls walked by as I worked out the gym, I'd do the old, "98! 99! 100!" It worked great. They'd crack a big grin and roll their eyes and then be receptive to conversation. Disgusted sneer and walk away = she hates you and your line. Rolls eyes to the ceiling and smiles = green light!

Which got us thinking: Are there some places that should be pick-up-free zones? The kind of places where you are bound to run into a hook-up again after things might have gone south? Is the gym a place where you just want to escape into your own endorphin-fueled workout without worrying about being hit on?

Or, as a public space, is it fair game? You immediately know right off the bat that you share an interest (plus, you can check out their bod!). And it's way better than bars, where everyone is drunk. Right? ... Or wrong?

Or what about limiting gym pick-ups to only urban areas where you can easily disappear into the crowd/switch gyms if things don't work out.

Leave your comments below or take our Polldaddy poll here: Should the Gym Be a Pick-Up Free Zone?