Where to look for love: A map of the nation's hottest meat markets

It’s a tale as old as time: Boy spots girl in (insert public venue), falls in love, and before he can muster the nerve to approach her, she fades into the crowd. Smitten, he posts a “Missed connections” ad on Craigslist and hopes to hear back. But how often do these star-crossed incidents occur and where are you likely to experience one yourself? Well, that depends on where you live, says a recent report published by Dorothy Gambrell of Psychology Today who analyzed Craigslist data. Here's a state-by-state breakdown:

Idaho: Single ladies, keep your heads up in the Potato State; there’s probably a dude checking you out. Idaho is deemed “the home of the heterosexual man” with 76 percent of missed connection ads posted from men to women.  

New York: Perhaps it’s the uncomfortably close quarters, ever-changing eye candy, or that passengers are playing an eternal mental game of “Shag, Shun, or Marry” that makes the subway the most common place for a missed connection in the Big Apple.

Georgia: Recent data deemed Georgia drivers one of the worst in the nation. Maybe that’s because they spend so much time making googly eyes in traffic—most missed connections in the Peach State occur in the car. We hope they’re wearing seat belts!

Washington: If you’re a woman who loves to make the first move, move to the Evergreen State. Oh, and when you get there, take a bus ride. Washington is home to the highest percentage of ads from women seeking men (25) usually placed after spotting a potential suitor on the bus.

California: The Sunshine Capital boasts the tannest skin, tightest bodies, and blondest hair. Is it any surprise that 24-hour gyms are the most popular location for unrequited love? Work it!

Wyoming: You always hear about people wanting to meet their match in the produce aisle. That might happen—everywhere but Wyoming. Although the supermarket is where you’ll spot the hotties, you’re more likely to leave with a paper bag than a phone number. Maybe it’s all that fluorescent lighting?

Kansas: Talk about a meat market! McDonald's is the most common place people fall in love at first sight, only to miss their McChances. Not such a happy meal.

Rhode Island: Parking lots aren’t just where sketchy things happen at night. They’re also places people could meet their future spouses, if that wasn’t so, you know, creepy.

Notable mentions:

—14 states share one love for the blue light special. Walmart is where natives spot people they’re interested in approaching. Unfortunately, Walmart is also where most of these folks lose their nerve.  

—Home is the top location people in Indiana encounter missed connections. (Yeah, we’re confused too).

—Missed connections are the new ladies’ night: 59 percent of men place ads compared to just 13 percent of women.

—People in their 20s tend to experience missed connections at ice cream shops (20s), in bars (30s), and at strip clubs and adult bookstores (40s!)