P.S. I Made This Uses Twitter to Track Down Missed Connection on American Airlines Flight

What's a girl to do in 2014 when you've met your future husband but didn't get his digits? Erica Domesek, founder of the DIY lifestyle brand P.S-I made this, was traveling on an American Airlines flight from Dallas, TX., when she hit it off with a handsome stranger in the seat next to her. While the pair exchanged pleasantries, they neglected to trade last names or contact information, so Domesek took to Twitter to ask the airline for help.

The airline simply replied with a "we hope your paths cross again," but Domesek didn't let their unethusiastic reply stop her from pursuing them for more information.

Maybe it was the rom-com reference that made the company bite. American Airlines responded that while they would love to help Domesek find her "Happily Ever After," they're unfortunately unable to give out passenger information (take comfort in knowing AA prioritizes safety over love). They then asked Domesek to throw out some ideas of her own.

While this proposal seems practical, it's still a no-go. American Airlines instead offers another option:

Domesek concedes to Plan C and tweets out the mystery man's description in hopes of turning the missed connection into an eventual meet up.

Following the APB on the now named bachelor, followers of Domesek's romantic quest rallied behind her to help by starting a hashtag campaign #FindClauco. One such follwer, Allie, was so inspired by this social media pursuit that she said, "Because of @psimadethis, I am forever using Twitter to tweet companies about their hot customers in hopes of meeting them. You are genius."

Either Domesek really is a genius, or just super media savvy, because the moral of this love story is that Clauco was found. Interestingly enough, Domesek astutely notes that it's fitting (or fate) that Clauco was sitting in seat 2B, almost like the pair was destined "to be" together. While Domesek is currently holding the specifics of the couple's consequential correspondence close to her heart (Yahoo Shine reached out for comment but she declined to divulge details), let's just hope that the Twitter hunt was worth it. And, if their airplane meet-cute eventually turns into an everlasting love, American Airlines is happy to have the pair on their honeymoon — perks to meeting on a plane!

Another benefit to so publicly pronouncing her infatuation and desire to date the man in 2B is that their "how we met" story is now recorded in Twitter history (Twistory?). Perhaps the tale will turned into a movie, too. The narrative does play out like a familiar cheeky 90's classic. From "You've Got Mail" to "You've Got Tweets," technology solving missed connection love mysteries sure have come a long way.