The Other Thing 25 Percent of Guys Are Faking in Bed

by Gena Kaufman

Kate Powers
Kate Powers

We've established that guys do in fact fake orgasms on occasion. We're less clear about how. But guess what else they're pretending to do?

Love, you guys. Instead of making love, they're faking love. You'll note what I did there, because it's a very substandard joke.

According to an Australian survey, a quarter of men admitted to lying about their feelings and declaring their love during sex. Only 6.1 percent of women said the same.

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(Interestingly, both sexes were equal in the amount of people--6.25 percent--who have faked tears during sex, which, WHAT? I don't even understand why you would ever do that. Isn't crying during sex a turn-OFF? Are you faking tears to get the other person to want to leave immediately? Oh. Maybe I do get it.)

Anyway, why do you think men are more likely to say an insincere "I love you" during sex? Some theories (from my head) that could fit the bill:

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* They think women want to hear it. Um, do we though?
* Women are more likely to say it and mean it (I'm guessing?), and then guys feel pressured to say it back.
* They aren't lying--they just feel so good during sex they are deluded into thinking they feel love momentarily.
* Their whole lives are a lie.

That last one probably isn't true, unless he's actually a secret agent living a double life, in which case you have bigger problems than what he means during sex.

Have you ever had a guy say he loved you in bed but he didn't mean it? Have you ever felt like you needed to say it during sex even if you weren't ready?

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