One Wedding at a Funeral: Couple Gets Married at Relative’s Wake


For engaged couples who have lost a loved one, finding a way to honor them during the course of theirwedding ceremonyis an important aspect of their day. Whether it is releasing doves, reading a poem, or placing a single rose on a chair where they would have sat, there are countless things that can be done as a way to pay tribute in a meaningful way.

For Reggie Wade and Monique McMillian-Wade, the best way to pay tribute to a lost love one was to get married at their funeral. The couple married on March 9th adorned in black and gold t-shirts. The funeral was for Wade's uncle, Gregory Scott, who had been murdered outside of his home.

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Prior to his death Wade's uncle had promised to walk McMillian-Wade down the aisle because her own father was diseased. The couple had been together for eight years, a couple of years before his death it was Wade's uncle who comforted a tearful McMillian-Wade as she shared about her father dying and the fact that she had no family. His response to her was, "Don't worry, I'll walk you down the aisle. I'll give you away."

Promises were important to this family and as a result they wanted to honor the one made by Wade's uncle. Because they felt like it was the last time he would be with them they decided to incorporate the wedding into his funeral.

The day of his funeral, of which "2,000 mourners were present," the couple stood before his casket and exchanged vows at what some guests described as the "best funeral" ever. For more on this story visit

-By Krishann Briscoe
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