Who Needs Valentine's? Husband Romances Wife with 100 Days of Love Notes

Americans spend more than $36 billion on Valentine's Day, but one guy in Kansas is putting the rest of us to shame with his series of dreamy (and free) love notes to his wife. About a month ago, Jess Hale started writing sweet nothings on post-its as part of project called 100 Days of Valentines. This week, he released a video of his first 25 days, and it has us swooning.

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Hale's mini missives are part of Give It 100, an experiment in self-discovery open to anyone that was launched in November by former Microsoft executive Karen Cheng. Her video journey of a year spent learning to dance went viral in July 2013. After being contacted by scores of people who were inspired by it, she created Give It 100 which features timelapse videos submitted by people doing everything from tackling touching their toes to conquering a speech impediment, one day at a time, for 100 days.

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Hale couldn't be reached for an interview, but Cheng tells Yahoo Shine that he works as a wedding photographer, so he may have a romantic advantage over many of us. The notes are a master class in specific detail. Free of Hallmark-y platitudes, Hale focuses in on what truly makes his wife special. "Scrubs aren't meant to be sexy," reads one, "but somehow you pull it off." Another says simply, "Your phone voice."

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Through the post-its, we get a real pictures of a hard working, soft-hearted woman who "secretly loves cats" and lets her husband help her with stuff "even when we both know you can do it by yourself." Casanovas take note, ditch the candy and overpriced bouquet and take a lesson in love from this poetic Cyrano instead.

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