My Husband Is A Psychopath

I remember walking down the aisle at my wedding, something inside my head told me to run back the other way, but I didn't, my father's strong grip and my 7 other canceled weddings made me press on. Out of all the times that I ran this should have been the one. I knew that my Husband was a Stripper when I met him, but when I started taking his money from those events he stopped. I thought everything was going to be OK. We dated for two years, I had commitmentphobic issues so I was in no hurry to be tied down, but he came highly recommended and I was 35 it was time to get one under my belt. We got engaged and got married. That's when everything changed. I didn't know I married a psychopath, a compulsive liar, a habitual cheater and a sex addict with an Internet addiction and a porn addiction.

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