More Bang for Your Buck: 7 Cheap Dates to Keep the Romance Alive
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Take a class together
Most community colleges have adult education classes. You and your spouse can enroll in a subject that you both enjoy. Local businesses also offer a variety of courses such as cooking, art, and dance. Many are free or have a nominal fee.
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When you're a parent, it's not easy to keep romance alive. Crying babies, precocious toddlers and obnoxious teenagers have a way of zapping all of your romantic impulses. But staying connected to your spouse is important and your marriage deserves some nurturing. However, planning a date with your spouse has it's own set of difficulties. Near the top of the list (after babysitting) is the cost. The slow economy has made it hard for couples to save any discretionary income. Therefore date nights are often postponed until couples can afford the extra expense. But dates don't have to be expensive to be fun. The most important part of the date is spending uninterrupted time with your spouse. The activity is secondary. Click through for 7 fun date ideas for parents that won't break the bank! -By Frederick J. Goodall


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