Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Are Having the Least Breakup-y Breakup Ever

by Gena Kaufman

Does this look like a former couple who just went through a major breakup? (Getty Images)
Does this look like a former couple who just went through a major breakup? (Getty Images)

We were all pretty sad when Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr announced the end of their very good-looking marriage, but you know who doesn't seem that broken up about it? (Get it? Broken up?) Um, Orlando and Miranda themselves.

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Since telling the world they'd decided to separate, the ex-couple doesn't appear to have changed much in their togetherness routine. In addition to the shot above, they've both been spotted heading into the apartment they still share, walking arm-in-arm, taking their darling three-year-old son on a walk in Central Park, and even exchanging a sweet kiss over his chubby little cheeks.

This isn't just a matter of staying friendly. It goes deeper than that, according to Orlando, who said, "We're not friends. We're family."

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For the sake of their son, of course it's wonderful that they'll still spend time together and care about each other. It's true, they're a family for the long haul whether they're romantically together or not. But I can't imagine spending that much time with my ex so soon after a split (and, yes, I know they supposedly decided to break up months before announcing it, but still! Months is nothing after a six-year relationship, you know?). Could you?

Have you ever seen a breakup less typically breakup-y than this?

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