Are Men More Family-oriented Than Women? Surprising New Survey Say Yes

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Is work-life balance the number one career concern?
When it comes to the number one career concern, there isn't much difference. Men identify work-life balance as a major concern just slightly more than women (50% of men to 48% of women).
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The roles of husbands and dads is very important to men today. One of my main goals is to spend more meaningful time with my family, even if it means I have to take a different approach to my career. I recently finished my manifesto, called The Family Leader's Manifesto, which is a call and encouragement to men to be the best husbands and dads they can be. It is not enough to be a great leader at work, in the community, or in ministry. If we do that, but perform poorly at loving and leading our family at home, then we are out of balance. And in the eyes of many men, that means "unsuccessful." The survey results show that many men feel the same way. Check out the comparison for men and women when it comes to who is more family oriented! -By Jackie Bledsoe Jr.

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