Man Proposes Over the Radio to Girlfriend of Seven Days

Lauren Tuck, Shine Staff

It was love at first click.

After an express courtship of a little over a week, John Morgan, 38, proposed over the radio to his very new girlfriend, 31-year-old Stephanie Nixon, on Wednesday morning. Morgan called on DJ Jay Dee Cale of 95.7 KKAJ to do the honors, asking Nixon if she would marry Morgan. Without a second of hesitation, her response was a resounding yes.

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"You hear about love at first sight and you don't believe it at all, but as soon as I saw him, I just knew. It was an immediate and perfect connection,” Nixon told Yahoo Shine. Morgan clearly agrees, based on what he told DJ Cale, “We've clicked on everything there is to click. I don't think there's another perfect match out there like this.” Following their initial online exchange, the pair met in person less than half a day later, and after a whirlwind week, the two were engaged. Here's how their romance went from online flirting to full-on engagement in record time.

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Day One: Nixon was looking through online dating profiles when she saw a picture of a handsome man in a cowboy hat. She made the first move and Morgan messaged her back right away.

Hours Later: The two instant messaged for about an hour and then moved their conversation to the phone. They talked for nine hours. “We didn't go to sleep that night at all,” Nixon said.

Day Two: Just hours after hanging up from their marathon phone session, the couple met in person for the first time. Denison,Texas-based Nixon and Morgan, who lives 45 minutes away in Medulla, Oklahoma, met up at a lake halfway between their homes. It must have been one the best first dates ever because, according to Nixon, “We haven't been away from each other since!”
Days Three through Seven: For the next four days, Nixon and Morgan got to know each other. Nixon has three children, one girl and two boys, and Morgan has two girls and one boy. “We have so much stuff in common, we have to find out the stuff we don't have in common, like I like onions, he doesn’t,” she said.

Day Eight: Nixon was driving to see Morgan at his house when she got a text message from him that read "95.7," a clue for her to turn her radio to that station. The next text that arrived read, “Pull over. A random number is going to call you. Answer it.” When she picked up the phone, DJ Cale was on the line. Initially, she suspected that Morgan was dedicating their song, “Crazy” by Hunter Hayes, to her but she got much more than that.

“I was given the daunting task of doing something that I think is very cool and very admirable,” Cale said on the air. “John wanted me to give you a call and tell you … he knew from the moment he saw you that you were the one for him and the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. John wants to know, will you marry him?”

Nixon responded to the romantic radio proposal by saying, “I'm pretty sure John knows that I would marry him right now, this minute, if he wanted me to.” When Nixon eventually reached Morgan's home, he got down on one knee and officially proposed himself, with a ring.

The couple hasn’t made any wedding plans yet, but if their engagement expediency is any indication of when they’ll say “I do,” then expect those vows to be exchanged sooner than later. Much sooner.