Man Proposes to Girlfriend and Her 6-Year-Old Daughter

Photo courtesy of Shana Warner

A Flint, Michigan, man has had a busy December so far, popping the question to two different ladies in his life: His girlfriend and her 6-year-old daughter.

Jeff Andres, a pediatric physical therapist, and Shana Warner, a corrections nurse at a local prison, had been dating for almost two years and knew they wanted to get married, but Warner wasn't quite sure when Andres would ask her. However, the couple knew one thing for sure: Warner's daughter Ally would be a part of the engagement.

On December 1, Andres turned 34 and during his birthday party that night, he stood up and thanked friends and family for attending. "I knew something was up when he asked me to stand up as well," Warner, 28, tells Yahoo Shine. "He told me that all he wanted for his birthday was me, and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him." Warner said yes and Ally was delighted. "She asks us all the time when we're getting married," says Warner.

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But the surprises weren't over yet. The couple had a long-standing plan for Andres to also propose to Ally, so she would feel included in the excitement. Earlier this summer, Warner had purchased her daughter a $45 ring with a diamond flower.

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On Saturday, Warner and Andres took Ally to Bronner's, the biggest Christmas store in the country, so they could purchase their annual ornament with their names and date inscribed and so Ally could sit on Santa's lap. "Just as Ally had finished telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas, Jeff said, 'Hold on, Santa. There's one more thing,'" says Warner. "He got down on one knee and asked Ally to be his stepdaughter."

Ally said yes and overwhelmed by her sparkly ring, she told Jeff, "You're the gem of my life," then offered him a dollar as thanks (he declined).

The couple plans to ski down the aisle on March 7, 2015 on the slopes of Crystal Mountain, Michigan, since their first date was a skiing trip. Ally, of course, will be a junior bridesmaid.

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