Libra December 2011 Love Horoscope

December 2011 Horoscope Libra: Love & Relationships ---

There won't be many changes in December 2011 in comparison to the preceding month. The same somehow contradictory tendencies will still manifest.

On one hand, you'll still be interested in new things, innovation or experiment, with a massively electrified house of couples, but also with the risk of causing short circuits from time to time.

On the other hand, there'll be a tendency of retiring to a closed or secret emotional universe, in which one can equally experience enchantment, disappointment or sadness.

These are the major tendencies brought by the two planets that are directly linked to your seventh house of couples. It'll be Venus that will make the difference, will tip the balance towards discretion in the first two decanates of December 2011, and then, in the last decanate, will strengthen the electrifying side, as it is open to new things and wishes for big achievements.

If emotional aspects seem to be more important in the first two decanates, in the last decanate of December 2011 the erotic instincts will intensify and love will become more physical and uninhibited.
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