The Hottest New Trends in Engagement Rings

A ring like this is so hot right now!
A ring like this is so hot right now!

If celeb engagement rings are any indication, a simple diamond and platinum setting isn't the norm anymore. We asked McQueenJewelry CEO Yosi Elison what's huge right now. The theme? Bigger-and different-is definitely better. Hey, it's good to know…just in case.

By Meagan Morris

1. Screw Traditional
We're all different, so why shouldn't our engagement rings show off our individuality?

"Women want unique now. There was a huge surge in halo, cushion-cut diamond settings the last few years and bride after bride had a similar looking ring," Elison said. "The newest crop of brides-to-be want a ring that showcases their individual personality; they're shying away from 'traditional.'"

2. Vintage Is Back
Edwardian, vintage-inspired ring sales have increased bigtime, thanks to shows like Downton Abbey. The designs are delicate, incredibly feminine while still being sophisticated-like lace dripping in diamonds. The show's U.S. return in 2013 should mean even more requests for this vintage style.

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3. Lots of Color

Call it the Duchess effect: Many future brides are opting for emerald- and yellow-colored stones over the typical white diamond. Think Kate Middleton's sapphire stone and Kelly Clarkson's huge yellow rock-that's the new look.

4. Bigger Is Better
Jewelers are also receiving more requests for super-sized diamonds thanks to the huge rocks celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are wearing.

Got a guy on a budget? A smaller rock with better quality color and clarity will sparkle more than a massive (yet affordable) one with more flaws.

5. Different Shapes
Brides are now shifting away from traditional round-cut diamonds in favor of eye-catching shapes like marquise-, pear-, cushion-, and emerald-cut diamonds.

A double halo look-two tiers of smaller diamonds-is also getting more popular. It gives the appearance of a bigger stone for a (sometimes) smaller price.

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6. Custom Settings

It's not just the stones that are getting a makeover: Jewelers are now working closely with guys-and their future brides-to come up with outside-the-box settings. Take Kat Von D for example: Future hubby Deadmau5 had her black diamond set into a silver band encrusted with miniature skulls.

7. Mixed Metals
Platinum has been the go-to setting for engagement rings for years, but expect to see different types of metals in the future. Brides are rocking white and yellow gold rings, among other precious metals.

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