What Your Holiday Gifting Style Says About Your Relationship

by Melissa Melms, Glamour

It's that time of year. You know, the candy-cane-licking, cookie-baking, wrapping-paper-tearing, gift-giving holiday season. Well, guess what? The gift you choose for your significant other actually says a thing or two about your relationship.

It's true. Your holiday gifting style can reveal a lot about the relationship you're in. First, think about what you got (or are planning to get) your S.O. this holiday season. Next, see how it fits in with the super accurate (JK, you guys, these are just for fun) categories, below, to see what it means about your relationship. Then, enjoy the holidays--and your gifts--with your love. It's as easy as that.

So, which of these gifting styles best describe you?

* The Crafty DIY-er:
(AKA The Pinterest Princess) You're artsy, love a good homemade (or home-cooked) gift, and are obsessed with all things Etsy. Your go-to gifts include snowman cake pops baked from scratch, DIY wrapping paper, specialty drinks for toasting on date night, or some kind of rustic wine rack.
What it means: You're considerate. You're a homebody but you love a fun night out. You not only put extra energy and time into the gifts you're giving, but also into your relationship. You like outside-the-box date night ideas (re: movie night in the park, hiking, trip to the museum) and outside-the-box guys (just a hint of hipster). You may or may not be working from a budget, but your gifts (and your dates) are thoughtful every time. When you commit to someone, it's the real deal.

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* The Over-the-Top Spender:
Why hello there glam girl! You're chic, follow Slaves to Fashion like it's your job, and are pretty sure Beyoncé & Jay-Z are the cutest couple. Your go-to gifts include dinner at the most-impossible-to-get-into spot in town, a watch, or designer anything (tie, cufflinks, suits…).
What it means: You like to spoil those you love and, yes, be spoiled in return. You're a hard worker and want to spend your earnings on something special. You'd rather spend on your money on one great gift than a ton of little items. And even when you and your guy agree to keep it low key, you both go crazy with presents anyway. You work hard and play hard. Your relationship, like your gifts, is a little over the top. You have big laughs, big love, and a big life.

* The Santa Baby:
(AKA The All I Want for Christmas Is You) Lady, you're on the naughty and the nice list. You're an eyelash-batting, bodycon-dress-wearing bombshell…and your guy loves it. Your go-to gifts include knee-highs, red lingerie (and a matching Santa hat if that's how you roll), sky-high heels and an empty bedroom.
What it means: You have a hot-hot-hot relationship. You're either just having a fun time fooling around with this person or you're in a serious relationship and spicing things up a bit. Either way, he's one lucky dude (and bravo for saving that cashola!) who's bound to have a very happy holiday.

* The Tech Tease:
You're a tech savvy chick. If there's a new gadget worth talking about, you've either got it or know about it. Your go-to gifts include a super-smart smartphone, a tablet, and of-the-moment rockstar headphones.
What it means: You're connected… pretty much all the time. You and your guy like to connect via text, email and/or Gchat multiple times a day. You like face time but FaceTime is cooler. You like to do your research when it comes to finding the perfect gadget and you invest that same time into finding the perfect partner. You like to know what you're getting yourself into and weigh your options with every relationship milestone.

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* The Planner:
You're Type A all the way. Your daily to-do lists go into overdrive during the holidays. Your go-tos? Hot tickets to a baseball game six months away, a couples massage (for when he's feeling stressed at work) or even foregoing gifts and deciding to dedicate a portion of your holiday budget to a future romantic getaway.
What it means: You like to be in control and know exactly what's coming your way. You're happy in your relationship and know you have something worth planning for. You're planning for a future together, which means you're happy with your present.

* The Pragmatist:
(AKA The "You Kind of Remind Me of My Mom") You take care of the people you love. Making sure everyone else is happy and comfortable makes you happy and comfortable. Your go-to gifts include the practical items your guy won't think to (or just refuses to) buy himself: socks, running sneakers, a new wallet (lord knows his is falling apart at the seams), or that amazing leather jacket he's had his eye on but didn't want to splurge for.
What it means: Taking on the caretaker role means you're thinking of your partner's needs. You know what he needs before he realizes he needs it. It's a sign that you're paying attention to (and care about) him. You're probably in a healthy, committed relationship.

Are you all done with yourholidayshopping? What'd you get significant other? Does it match up with any of the categories above? Did I miss any categories? Over my twenty-something years, I've dabbled in all of the styles. I think my gifting style definitely changed depending on who the gift was for and whether the relationship was serious or not. This year I got J and my sis tickets to see The Book of Mormon (had to spill the beans early because my sister was about to buy the tix herself!) and J and I decided to buy each other a pair of sunglasses we can use when we go to Aruba over New Year's. So I guess that means I'm a little bit over-the-top and a little bit of a planner. Since this was kind of a big year for us (getting engaged and all), I put extra effort (and, yes, moola) into the gifts. Yeap, sounds about right to me!

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