Find Out If He's Mr. Right Just by Looking at His Shoes!

Source: Find Out If He's Mr. Right Just by Looking at His Shoes!

We all know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover - but should you judge a guy based on his shoes? Although this might seem shallow, it might help you weed out the losers and bring you closer to your right match. What a man decides to put on his feet says a lot about his lifestyle, preference in music, and how much he cares about his appearance. So next time you decide to check out the stranger next to you, don't bother looking him up and down. Just look down . . . at his feet.

  • Boat Shoes: This prepster might not be on a boat, but he wishes he was. He has multiple pairs of boat shoes to accompany his expansive polo collection. He's probably a fraternity bro and considers beer pong a legitimate skill. He might be a little pretentious, but he is a mama's boy at heart.

  • Oxfords: Oxfords are always a visual delight. This man knows about fashion and what a quality shoe can do for you. If you get involved with this lad, just make sure he's more into you than his precious shoes.

  • Cowboy Boots: Yee-haw! This guy loves country music and line dancing. He's a traditional family man who will open your car door and treat you like a lady. If that's something you're looking for, then save a horse and ride a cowboy!

  • Combat Boots: A man who wears combat boots probably bought them at a thrift store, right after he perused the records at the vinyl shop next door. He's a little hardcore and prefers women with an edge as well. If you have a weakness for bad boys, then be on the lookout for some heavy-duty boots to cross your path.

  • Sandals: Unless he's at the beach or by a pool, be wary of a man wearing sandals. This guy is laid-back - maybe a little too laid-back when it comes to style. We wish it was Summer all year round too, but that doesn't mean any guy should bare his pale, hairy feet to the world.

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  • Desert Boots: Although these are called desert boots, you won't find any guy wearing these boots in the desert. You'll find him in a hip city at your coolest neighborhood bar. He cares about fine whisky, craft beer, and maintaining his effortless look.

  • High-Tops: A guy who rocks a pair of high-tops, and pulls it off, shows he's got confidence. He is passionate about music and loves to play sports. Just be careful that he doesn't play you, too.

  • White Sneakers (With Light-Washed Jeans): A man who wears white sneakers is a) your dad or b) someone who has more experience in the library than with a woman. This isn't necessarily a bad thing: just be prepared to show him a thing or two. He loves math and video games and, if you give him the chance, he could love you.

  • Vans: If you see a guy sporting a pair of Vans, he's either still in high school or needs a serious wardrobe update. Vans are for guys who kind of care about what they look like but are too lazy to make any effort. If you like a fun makeover project, then this guy is for you!

  • TOMS: These shoes make a statement that you care about the world as well as your appearance. Because TOMS shoes look the same for both men and women, a guy who wears TOMS is comfortable with his sexuality. He takes pride in being comfortable, ethical, and stylish.

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