What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Marriage

by Elizabeth Mitchell

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A healthy sex life is important to any marriage, and it turns out, what you do in the bedroom can actually reveal a lot about your relationship. From who's calling the shots to how comfortable you are with each another, what happens in between the sheets is extremely reflective of your marriage's dynamic. We reached out to a few sex experts to find out what your go-to position says about you and your guy. (Remember: It's all in the name of good fun, of course!)

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Missionary: You've been together forever, which explains why you can practically finish each other's sentences. "Your marriage is routine and comfortable. It feels safe, yet it may be on the verge of becoming mundane," warns certified master sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. But don't worry: The love you have for him (and he, you) has only grown deeper after all these years. All you need is a little variety, excitement, and spontaneity in your lives. The easiest place to start trying new things? The bedroom!

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Girl on Top: This couple is very much in love, confident with each other, and explorative. "Your marriage is full of compromise and trust. You also know your body, are comfortable with your sexuality, and like to take your pleasure into your own hands." In general, this is a marriage where each partner tends to share the workload, notes Stacy Rybchin of My Secret Luxury.

Doggy Style: Your marriage is adventurous and fun. Plus, both partners are completely comfortable with each other sexually and love switching things up, reveals Nikki. "You're also extremely open and honest about pretty much everything in your lives, not just sex," Ransom-Alfred adds.

Spooning: If spooning is your favorite position, you probably have a very caring and devoted marriage. "You crave intimacy and like feeling physically close to each another," points out Rybchin. You're incredibly connected on a deep, emotional level, too.

A Quickie: Despite hectic schedules, you always make it a point to sneak in some alone time before the kids wake up or you have to head off to work. Sound familiar? Well, then your marriage is super spontaneous and passionate. At times, Ransom-Alfred says you may even find it difficult to keep your hands off each other.

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