Does anyone really need a divorce ring?

Erin Flaherty, Shine staff
D Jewelry Co.
D Jewelry Co.

There's a rather strange jewelry trend emerging. Seems "divorce rings" have suddenly become all the rage while I must've been sleeping under a rock. Now, this is not to be confused with the practice of retooling an old engagement or wedding ring. We're talking about companies like D Jewelry Co. and Transition Rings hawking brand new rings to those that wish to commemorate their divorce.

According to D Jewelry's website, whose rather condescending slogan is "Building self esteem one person at a time" (ooookkkkaaayyy): "The rings serve not only the purpose of remembering a particular separation, but also to symbolize a new beginning and positive outlook on the future." Sure, that sounds healthy enough, but still... Oh and by the way, "self esteem," I mean, one of their divorce rings, will cost you a cool $330.00.

Now, this is merely my humble opinion, but I smell a marketing scam. I mean, divorces are expensive. Surely that money would better be spent on a mortgage or if you really need to treat yourself, a much deserved vacation. Do you really need a ring to signify a painful breakup? Maybe this is a brilliant idea and I should go back under my rock. I'm really curious to know what the class thinks. Would you buy a divorce ring? Seriously?