How to Deflect Relationship Questions like J-Law or Beyoncé

Photo by: HowAboutWe
The Jennifer Lawrence Approach:
Crack A Joke

She isn't the internet's secret girlfriend for nothing: Best Actress Oscar winner J.Laws knows when to use humor to deflect a question. When a reporter asked whether she'd hooked up with her Silver Linings Playbook costar Bradley Cooper, Lawrence replied, "He's fluent in French, very impressive. And he's hilarious. It's too bad he's so ugly." Giving a compliment and evading a reporter at the same time? Girl is good.

How you can copy this: "I'd love to find a nice guy, too. Do you think there are any at the bottom of that pool? I'll go check."
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By Lili Marcus for HowAboutWe

When it comes to turning personal stories into tabloid paychecks, celebrities do it better than anyone else. But some stars are better at answering reporter questions than others. Here are a few celebrities whose dealing-with-nosy-questions strategy can be your inspiration the next time your mom corners you to demand grandkids, or your uncle won't stop asking when you're going to find a nice guy and settle down.

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