Dating Sites Get Even More Personal

by SELF Staffers

Riccardo Tinelli
Riccardo Tinelli

Gluten-free? Mac lover? Pixie? There's a dating site for you. Check the plethora of options then tell us your dating philosophy in the comments below.

Gluten Free Singles
The short pitch: For people who don't touch the bread basket at dinner.
Try it when: You're sick of defining "gluten" to every potential match.
Beware of: The guy who only wants to talk gluten-free. It's a date--not a health forum!

Coffee Meets Bagel
The short pitch: Your Facebook friends have hot friends. Meet them.
Try it when: You've been drooling over that cute friend-of-a-friend in a group photo for weeks.
Beware of: The player who's worked his way through an entire friend group. (Awkward!)

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You Must Love Dogs Dating
The short pitch: Finally, someone to go on dog-park dates with!
Who it's best for: Those who eat Ramen so they can splurge on organic food for their pups.
But: For the love of your designer shoes, beware the dude who loves his dog but doesn't have a handle on the whole "discipline" thing.

The short pitch: A manic pixie wonderland for adorkable singles.
Who it's best for: Zooey Deschanel wannabes.
Beware of: The "entrance test" that determines how "quirky-interesting" you are. (No comment.)

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Date British Guys
The short pitch: Cute lads with even cuter accents.
Who it's best for: Cumberbitches and their ilk.
Beware of: The guy who peppers his "sorry I forgot to call on your birthday" apology with a lot of sexy Britishisms. Unfair advantage!

The short pitch: Mac lovers unite!
Who it's best for: People with a serious attachment to their iThingies.
Beware of: The guy who begs you to camp out for two weeks to get the new iPhone.

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