Couple Married in Bacon Ceremony

It's a pork lover's dream (and a vegetarian's nightmare): a bacon wedding.

On Sunday, Adrienne Dunvan, 43,and Eddie Quinones, 39, of Vista, California wed in a bacon-infused ceremony in Del Mar Fairgrounds in California.

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The couple recently won a contest at the Big Bite Bacon Fest, a new beer-and-bacon-tasting event held at the 2013 San Diego County Fair, during which 30 restaurants and competitive chefs came together to share their most original bacon-inspired meals and desserts.

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Dunvan, a vet tech, wore a white gown and carried a bouquet made with bacon roses. Quinones, a credit analyst, donned a white shirt and white pants and a boutonniere made of bacon. The couple's four children also participated. The ring bearers (13 and 11) carried bacon-petal ring pillows. The flower girls (10 and 13) sprinkled bacon bits down the aisle. Local San Diego morning radio DJ Jessie Lozano of Star 94.1 officiated the wedding, throwing in humorous bacon references. See below for additional photos.

The couple's 50 guests threw bacon bits (in lieu of rice) after the couple were pronounced husband and wife. During the reception, guests enjoyed wedding cake contributed by Sweet Cheeks Bacon Company and a giant maple, bourbon, and bacon-infused doughnut. Everyone took a ride on the San Diego Fair’s "Ferris Squeal” after the reception.

For their five-day honeymoon in October, Quinones and Dunvan will fly to a suburb of Baltimore known as the bacon capital of the world. The couple will have VIP access to the 12th Annual Pigtown Festival featuring Squeakness, the Running of the Pigs.

“Adrienne entered us in the contest and I agreed because I didn’t think we would win,” Quinones told Yahoo! Shine. “But it was perfect because our first date was over pork.” Quinones, the self-described cook of the family who once covered a Thanksgiving turkey in bacon, had cooked Dunvan a Puerto Rican pork shoulder dish called pernil. “I knew that if she didn’t like it, the relationship wouldn’t progress,” Quinones says, joking. “Luckily, she loved it.”

The couple dated for six years and got engaged in 2011. However, they were both juggling jobs and four adopted children (three of whom they adopted while together) and planning their wedding fell to the wayside.

“We had asked contestants to write to us, explaining how bacon was part of their love story,” Kelleigh Strobel, promotions manager of Big Bite Events, told Yahoo! Shine.  “As soon as we read Adrienne and Eddie’s entry, we knew we had our winners. We were touched by how this couple adopted their four children and amused by how Eddie cooked her a pork dish on their first date.”

“We feel so blessed to be chosen,” Quinones says. “I just lost 50 pounds over the last six months but I will indulge on our honeymoon."

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