Childhood Sweethearts' Wedding Photo Goes Viral

When we see an adorable little boy and girl holding hands, declaring that they're going to get married, we usually chuckle and think nothing of it. In fact, decades later, they'd probably roll their eyes when reminded about this memory. But for Jake Kantrowitz and Sarah Truitt, both 26, this childhood fantasy actually came true. They met when they were just three years old, and tied the knot on July 27 this year in Boston.

In honor of their roots, they used a nostalgic photo taken on a carousel for their save-the-date. Off-the-charts cuteness, right? It gets better: The newlyweds recreated the picture on their wedding day! When Levi Albert, their best man, saw the new photo, he was inspired to create a then-and-now composite using Photoshop. "I thought it would be instant karma on Reddit," he told Good Morning America.

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It wasn't long before the photo went viral, receiving more than 41,000 "upvotes" and 1,830 comments on the social media site. One commenter wrote, "I felt goosebumps trying to imagine their happiness. If that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen... I mean come on, what do you say to that?"

People had plenty to say about it on the social media thread and many were understandably green with envy. Some even shared happily-ever-after stories of their own, but mostly, the responses were jovial and inspired."This is so sweet. The look on her face when she was little... like she just adored him!" No argument there - it looks like not much has changed in the 23 years since they met.

And as for the newlyweds' reaction? According to GMA, Jake and Sarah are currently honeymooning in Costa Rica, but when they found out their merry-go-round pic when viral, the bride tweeted, "Omg. I am really excited / a little embarrassed at the same time!!! Amaaaaaaaazing."

Congratulations to these two soulmates. May they share another picture in 20 years.

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By: Alyson Kaufman