Carré Otis: "Mickey Rourke Held Gun to My Head on Honeymoon"

Supermodel Carré Otis, whose new memoir, "Beauty, Disrupted," gives details on the not so glamorous side of her life, including an eating disorder, alleged exploitation, drugs and abuse.

On Tuesday's episode of "Anderson," Otis sets the record straight about her high profile and tumultuous relationship with actor Mickey Rourke, and says while it appeared she was living a glamorous Hollywood life, underneath it all she was really only hanging on by a thread.

As part of the interview, Otis tells Anderson how her then husband, Mickey Rourke, put a gun to her head on their honeymoon, because she did not want to partake in his partying.

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Carré Otis suffered from what she says was "horrific anorexia for many years." In this clip from Tuesday's show, Carré tells Anderson that her recovery was completely dependent on re-framing her understanding of what beauty is.

Watch as Anderson reads a line from Carré's book... which should be memorized by every young woman...

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