Bride and Groom Play Guitar Duet Before Tying the Knot

This wedding procession, caught on tape, strikes a chord - literally: Before tying the knot, the musical duo - with backup - performed on guitar.

Jordan Strauss, 30, a guitar teacher in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, taught his bride, Andrea Strauss, 25, how to play so the two could make music together on their big day.

The video of the wedding, which took place in May, is getting attention on the Web.

"We wanted to do something that we knew would stand out and put our own personal stamp to make it even more memorable," Jordan Strauss told Yahoo on the phone. Mission very accomplished.

The ceremony takes place at a Roman Catholic church in Long Valley, New Jersey. The scene is traditional except that Jordan, dressed in a dark suit, is strumming an electric version of Pachelbel's "Canon" with one of his groomsmen as the priest stands nearby. Then Andrea enters in white, with a guitar strapped on, and joins in.

The bride shows her multiple talents: walking down the aisle in four-inch red heels while playing her matching red guitar. The couple then face each other as they continue to play.

The pair, who met online and got engaged just eight months later, seem to be perfectly in tune.

Jordan has played guitar for 18 years and given lessons for 11. He taught Andrea to play the guitar for the ceremony; it took about two months of practice.

The performance was the first time the bride showed the world her guitar skills. "She was an easy student to teach. She's a natural. I told her that from day one," said her proud husband.