Break Up Biggies: 7 of the Biggest Relationship Mistakes Women Make

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You call it being passionate. He considers it nagging. Constantly complaining to your spouse about what they are doing wrong or pointing out the things you don't like is a sure way to cause a rift in your relationship. The well-known phrase often holds true: even in matters of the heart, it's not always what you say but how you say it.
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There's no secret that, as humans, we will make our share of mistakes. Some of our mistakes may be harmless in nature, while others might have the ability to cost us our relationships. But the thing about shedding light on some of the mistakes you have made is the heightened sense of awareness that most often follows. In many instances, awareness often arrives coupled with opportunity, an opportunity for self-reflection, growth and a chance to change old habits and begin anew. Recently, I stumbled upon a post via The Single Woman Guide that identified some mistakes women make when it comes to their relationships. The thing about these mistakes, however, was that they weren't just one time offenses. Instead, they were what you might call repeat offenses, mistakes made over and over, having a negative impact on the quality of the relationship. Click through for 7 of the biggest relationship mistakes women make! -By Krishann Briscoe


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