You Better Work: 6 Reasons Why Marriage is Worth the Effort


Last night I saw one of the most touching displays of what it really means to be married. It was in a place where I least expected it, the Basketball Hall of Fame broadcast. Let's face it, we live in the era of daily relationship scandals by athletes and the train wreck that is known as the Basketball Wives reality show. So, when Oscar Schmidt closed out his acceptance speech by thanking his wife of 38 years… it was refreshing. There was not a dry eye in the room when he finished his speech by saying:

"You are my greatest friend… You are my greatest person I've ever met… And, if you were not with me, I wouldn't be here… I'm sure about it… We are together for 38 years. And I hope to be with you until I die."

The tears were flowing as I watched it, and I got chills just typing it!

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I don't claim to know anything about their particular marriage. But Oscar so eloquently stated what many married couples already know: that there are tremendous joys in being married. This is why I cringe every time that someone says that marriage is hard work. Not because it's not true, because marriage is work. But I cringe because the joys of being married far out weigh the work that you put into it. And if you consistently invest your time and effort (i.e work) into making your marriage work, the return on your investment (ROI) is through the roof! I promise you.

Lamar and I just celebrated our 8th year of marriage. And in that time, I have discovered the many joys of being married. Check them out below….

1. I find joy in being able to spend every day with my best friend.

Hands down, the best part of being married is being able to spend every day with your best friend.

2. I find joy in knowing that I am a better person because of my husband.

I want to be better because of my husband. I feel like he is such a great person, a great husband and father, and I want to be all of that for him too.

3. I find joy in having someone that supports me.

He supports me when I am feeling down. He supports my goals. He supports me when others wrong me. It feels so good to know that I have him in my corner.

4. I find joy in knowing that he wants to be better for me.

He may not know that I notice, but I do. I've seen him mature as the years go by. And I appreciate that he wants to be better for me and the kids.

5. I find joy in knowing that he loves me (despite all of my shortcomings.)

He loves me even in those times when I am hard to love. And especially in those times when I am not feeling so good about myself. He's always there to lift my spirits and assure me that I am loved.

6. What's the joy of being married?

Follow this link to see Oscar Schmidt's acceptance speech. His tribute to his wife starts at 14:48 and that's when you'll need your tissues. Then come back and share with us your Joys of Being Married.

Also, the next time you want to share how much work it takes to be married, don't forget to also share how much joy it brings you.

-By Ronnie Tyler

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