9 Signs You Can Handle an Office Romance

9 Signs You Can Handle An Office Romance
9 Signs You Can Handle An Office Romance

By Jillian Lucas for HowAboutWe

Before you launch into a full-fledged office romance with the cutie from payroll, take a look at this checklist to see if you've really got the chops to date someone you work with:

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1.) Your partner isn't your manager. (Seriously.)

2.) You know that furtive eye-contact, texts, and occasional flirting when no one is around is okay, but blatant giggling/hanging out at each other's desks all day is not.

3.) You can differentiate between treating them like a coworker during the day, and a date at night.

4.) You're discreet in the beginning, but fully ready to disclose the relationship to your coworkers once it becomes serious.(Don't try to keep it a secret. They'll find out. They always find out.)

5.) You don't use the office email system for daytime sexting. (That's what your cellphone is for.)

6.) You have a break-up contingency plan for how you guys will deal if things happen to turn sour.

7.) You know that lunch isn't an excuse to engage full-on couple mode. It's just lunch.

8.) Serious relationship conversations are never brought up during work hours, even if you see the person you're dating more at work than after work.

9.) You really, really, really, really like the person. (Because, otherwise, an office-romance probably isn't worth it.)

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