‘Star Wars’ Wedding Photo: Attack of the AT-ATs!

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What's the only thing scarier than a T. rex terrorizing a wedding party? That would be a trio of All Terrain Armored Transport walkers, otherwise known as AT-ATs.

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Shortly before shooting his friends Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston's May 31 nuptials, Toronto-based photographer Tony Lombardo, spotted the now massively shared picture of a dinosaur chasing down a bridal party by Quinn Miller. "I had the idea of AT-ATs on my way to the wedding, so I pitched it," he told Yahoo! Shine in a phone interview. He already knew that the couple were big 'Star Wars' fans. "The bride said, 'Let's totally do it!'"

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Just before the ceremony, he set up the shot and captured it in one take. "The bride, the groom, their friends-we're all part of the Toronto comedy community," he explained. "Everyone in the wedding party is a professional actor or comedian, so they totally sold it.

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After the ceremony, Lombardo and his wife, Danielle, took set up their son's AT-AT toys under the same lighting conditions on a seamless backdrop and used Photo shop to meticulously combine the images.

He says he thought the photo might be a hit when an older "undisclosed relative" called him and said, "Tony, I think your picture has a virus."

Looks like Bridezillas aren't the only monsters wedding guests need to watch out for these days.

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