8 Signs You're a Bridezilla

Jessica Hagy


You know the warning signs - toddler-like tantrums, mascara-stained cheeks, immaculately organized wedding binders that weigh more than a flower girl - yet somehow it's happened to you ... You've become a Bridezilla. You may think this overused title is solely reserved for reality TV and romantic comedies, but the reality is high expectations mixed with unexpected circumstances - also known as wedding planning - can be a cocktail of disaster that even the sanest souls can't stomach. If you suspect the process might be getting the better of you, here are eight ways to tell you're entering the Bridezilla danger zone.

1. You can't remember what compromise feels like
No, we don't think your fiancé's burning desire for a life-sized cake replica of Michael Jordan was totally reasonable either, but if you've gone through your entire wedding planning process without making one single little compromise, then chances are people are scared of you.

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2. You've taken the term "color-coordinated" too far
No, you do not need to tell grandpa what color socks he should wear. Unclench the fists ... there we go.

3. You've memorized your vendors phone numbers
What you call time efficient, non-Bridezillas call creepy.

4. Your Pinterest wedding board is now your homepage
We love Pinterest, too, but c'mon. Step away from the mouse and back away slowly.

5. You've started murmuring "champagne, not ivory!" in your sleep
Well, there really is a monumental difference...

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6. You forgot what your groom looks like
So, this one is especially troubling since you'll need to recognize him when you walk down the aisle and everything, but how is a girl supposed to date her fiancé when she has daily lunch, coffee and cocktail appointments with all of her vendors? Not to mention trips to the nail salon, hair colorist, dermatologist, spray tanner...

7. You think "carb" is the ultimate four-letter word
Admit it, your friends aren't too keen on dining out with you anymore are they? That's because a hungry woman angrily gnawing a bundle of celery across the table is a scary thing.

8. You're suddenly a beauty expert
Telling your bridesmaid, "I'll cut you if you don't deal with those chunky highlights Susan" went just one itty-bitty inch past crazy.

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