8 Romantic Things To Do For Him

Let's face it; men have it pretty easy when they decide to do something sweet for their lady. Flowers, check. Candle-lit diners, check. These types of gestures express the feminine side of romance. The time has arrived for you to earn some points and be romantic to him. But one might ask, what is a man's definition of romance? Now is the time to get clued in.

1. Stock His Fridge:
As my father once said, the key to a man's heart is through his stomach. When you notice he's low on food, head to the store and stock up on his favorite treats.

2. Beer Tasting:
In case you haven't noticed, men aren't always in the mood for a romantic glass of champagne. Sometimes all a man needs is a cold beer. Take your man out for a few beers and insist on ditching the cheap domestic stuff and try some of the finer imports.

3. A Round Of Golf:
Every man can appreciate a good round of golf. It is a little pricey but him and his golfing buddy will surely appreciate it if you pick up the tab.

4. Wine & Dine Him:
Give his wallet a break and take HIM out for a change. Yes ladies, that means dinner, drinks, and a movie.

5. Pamper Him:
After a long day at work all he needs in his life is some good ol' R&R. Take it up a notch and prepare a romantic bubble bath for two along with a long massage.

6. His Favorite Meal Delivered:
You're working late one night and won't be able to come home for dinner. Call up his favorite restaurant and order him everything from an appetizer to the dessert and have them deliver it right to his doorstep.

7. Classic Fallback. Lingerie:
Men are very visual creatures, plain and simple. When he comes home from a long day at work, greet him at the door with nothing but a newly bought outfit from Victoria Secret.

8. Leave Notes/Goodies:
When he's not looking stash a cute note or his favorite treat where you know he'll find it; Like his lunch box, car or under his pillow.