7 Reasons Kim and Kanye's Wedding Isn't as Cool as Yours

By Kellee Khalil, Lover.ly
As the first wedding photos of Kimye roll in, you may be feeling a little bummed about your own wedding. "Why don't I have a gorgeous wall of white flowers to say my vows in front of?" you might be asking yourself. "I thought a rehearsal dinner at a country club was nice, but not after hearing that Versailles was available!"

Because if there's one thing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West know how to do, it's throw an extravagant party. They started their wedding weekend with a dinner party at the Palace of Versailles (it ended with fireworks during the Lana del Ray performance), and then flew all of their guests to Florence, Italy on private jets for the wedding at Forte di Belvedere. Famed singer Andrea Bocelli serenaded the couple at the ceremony, the wedding food was color-coordinated, the cake was seven feet tall, and there were 600 guests in attendance. Kim wore Balmain for her bachelorette party (in Paris, naturally!), and both the Mr. and Mrs. walked down the aisle in Givenchy.

But if those details have you re-thinking your single-tier cakes and DIY wedding flowers, don't fret! Here are seven reasons your wedding will be way cooler than Kimye's.
1. Your wedding weekend attire requires way less fashion tape. While Kim always looks gorgeous, we're pretty sure the dress she wore the night before the wedding was held on by sheer willpower.
2. You might not have a celeb-filled photo booth, but your props are much better. There were so many cute pics of celebs in the photo booth but a serious lack of fake mustaches and funny hats. Come on, Kimye...we know you can afford them, and we want to see John Legend wearing a feather boa!
3. Your absent guests won't make headlines. Many outlets have already reported on the celebs who didn't attend Kimye's wedding -- including Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Anna Wintour. And even though every wedding has its share of family drama, we doubt that the international press will speculate on why a family member didn't attend your nuptials.
4. You won't have to worry about saving the top layer of a 7-foot wedding cake. If you could even reach it, you'd still have to deal with flying it home from Italy to freeze for your one-year anniversary.
5. Even if a guest wears white to your wedding, they probably won't wear a white Batman costume.That's one downside to inviting famous teenagers.
6. You'll only have one photographer to think about. Even though Kimye tried to keep the paparazzi's lenses away from their wedding, at least one pap shot was leaked over the weekend. Kinda makes worrying about someone posting an unflattering pic of you on Facebook on the big day seem like no big deal.
7. Beliebers will not try to crash your wedding. It was rumored that Justin Bieber was attending Kimye's wedding, so dozens of fans showed up outside the venue, hoping to catch a glimpse of the star (who never appeared). We doubt any of your guests are more popular than you are.
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