7 Reasons Happy Wives Have Happy Husbands

7 Reasons Happy Wives Have Happy Husbands
7 Reasons Happy Wives Have Happy Husbands

There is a movement taking place right now across the world. It is a movement promoting the positive side of marriage. The Happy Wives Club is a group of happy wives, a website, a movement, a revolution, and just something amazing created to show the world happy marriages do exist.

Millions of people are talking about it on Facebook. Twitter had it as the #1 trended topic last week, and the new book, Happy Wives Club, is climbing up the best seller lists. It has inspired me to write this post, along with hundreds of other bloggers who have joined the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour. Yes, a husband has joined the Happy Wives Club movement!

It's exciting to see so many happy wives all over the world loving their marriages. And if there are a lot of happy wives, then that means there are a lot of happy husbands. You've heard the quote "a happy wife, means a happy life."

My wife is one of those happy wives, and I am a happy husband because of it. I recently wrote a blog post about my wife and what she knows about having a happy husband. As I read it again, I realized there is more to a happy wife, a happy husband, and a happy marriage.

Here are 7 Reasons Happy Wives Have Happy Husbands.

1. A happy wife respects him, but "don't take no stuff!"
One of a man's biggest needs is respect, especially from his wife. A happy wife shows the utmost respect for her husband, but she also knows she is his equal and won't settle for him treating her any different.

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2. A happy wife takes care of herself
A happy wife will not only take care of her outward appearance but also her health - physical, mental, and spiritual. I love when I see my wife working out, reading, or praying. This is encouraging and makes me even more attracted to her. It makes me a happy husband.

3. A happy wife has friends who root for her marriage
Let's be real, not every one of your friends is rooting for your relationship. Those who truly root for you are the friends you want to spend time with. A happy wife knows this and is careful with her relationships making sure they help, not hurt, her marriage. Husbands love this!

4. A happy wife doesn't mind being pampered or taken care of
My wife loves being pampered and taken care of. Although she can mow the lawn, pump her own gas, and take out the garbage, she has no problems with me doing so. This makes me happy, because although I don't like mowing the lawn, I love serving her and pampering her.

5. A happy wife doesn't need him by her side, but loves it when he is
I love the fact my wife enjoys being with me. There was a time in our marriage I wasn't sure she really did enjoy my company. But she does, and it makes me really happy. Even so, she doesn't require me to be with her at all times. She can and sometimes enjoys doing things alone.

6. A happy wife knows she's hot, but appreciates his affirmation
I wrote about my "hot wife" in the past. Not only do I think she is beautiful inside and out, but she knows she is. She believes in herself, but it does something special to her when I affirm it. It takes our marriage to a real happy place. :)

7. A happy wife knows he has feelings too
Yes, this may be a revelation to you, but men have feelings too! And the one person who has the most impact on those feelings is our wives. A happy wife realizes as tough as her man is, he still has feelings, and they get hurt from time to time. She respects this and is careful about his feelings and ego.

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-By Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

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