7 Creative Ways to Keep the Long-Distance Spark Lit

Source: 7 Creative Ways to Keep the Long-Distance Spark Lit

In "regular" relationships, the little things matter: writing a thoughtful note, telling stories over a good meal, cuddling on lazy Sunday mornings. But these little things are hard to do when you and your partner are halfway across the world from each other. If you've read all the long-distance relationship advice and tried the couple apps out there, maybe it's time you tried something different. In long-distance relationships, romantic gestures that you might otherwise consider cheesy can really go a long way. Here are seven romantic ways you can show your significant other you are willing to go that extra mile.

  • Have a Candlelit Skype Date: Light up some candles, eat a romantic dinner together in front of the computer screen, and finish the date with a movie of your choice. The key is to start the movie at the same time (or host a Skype movie party) so you can laugh, gasp, and cry in sync. To be even more romantic, send your significant other a "date in a box" packed with candles, snacks, and a DVD for the Skype date.

  • You've Got Mail!: Have gifts, flowers, or chocolate delivered to your loved one's home or office. It's a sure way to make them feel special and loved even if you're far away. With sites like Pro Flowers and The Bouqs, delivering flowers has never been easier. If flowers seem to obvious, why not gift an art print to express your love?

  • Plan a Full Day of Activities: Remember crying over the scenes in P.S. I Love You where Gerard Butler planned out adventures for Hilary Swank? Now it's your turn! Book an entire day of fun activities like hiking, a spa day, or a sports game for your significant other to enjoy solo or with friends. Email the itinerary along with a cute message.

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  • Send a Video Message: Brighten up your loved one's day with a teasing good morning message or a video of you singing a song. Even if you're not a great singer, it's the effort that counts.

  • Decorate the Bedroom: On special occasions like birthdays or holidays, ask a close friend or neighbor of your partner's to decorate the bedroom for you. Send a box with decorations and instructions in advance so it turns out just the way you imagined it.

  • Write a Handwritten Letter: Nothing is more romantic and thoughtful than a good old-fashioned letter in your not-so-perfect handwriting and with a few smudges here and there. You could also slip in a picture as a memento.

  • Surprise Visit Them: Planning to surprise visit someone is not an easy task. It might take weeks of saving money, planning a trip, and keeping secrets from your partner. But it will all be worth it when you ring that doorbell and see the shock on his face.