6 Surprising Signs You Should Break Up

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By Ariel Nagi

We all know the obvious signs to tell if a man isn't the one for you: he cheated, he can't keep a job, he's abusive-emotionally or physically-the list goes on. But sometimes, subtle red flags are waving in our faces and we don't realize they mean it's time to dump an undercover loser.

1. All of his friends are single
If all of his friends are bachelors, he probably thinks he still is too. Men who are ready to be committed will stop acting like they're single (i.e., hanging out at strip clubs with all his single amigos) and keep around the dudes who are in serious relationships like him, says relationship expert April Masini of AskApril.com. In fact, studies show that couples who are friends with other couples have stronger romances. Plus, friends like his single boys will likely tease him for being the "taken" one or get upset when he doesn't have time for them, which can put him in an awkward position of choosing between pleasing his buddies or pleasing his girlfriend.

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2. He trash talks his ex
"If a man speaks poorly about his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, or his mother, run," April urges. When a guy does nothing but bring up how crazy his ex was, you're next in line, but you just don't know it yet. And common sense should just tell you that no good person is going to talk down about their own mother-it means that he obviously doesn't respect the women in his life, and you don't want to go down that road.

3. He didn't introduce you to his family
If you're six months into a relationship and still only know his parents through that flimsy picture frame sitting on his dresser, he's not the one. A man that is serious about you will be proud to bring you home to mami and even show you off to his friends. "If he's keeping you from his friends or hasn't tried to introduce you to his family, he's not that interested and you shouldn't invest more time in the relationship," Masini says.

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4. He's been working toward the same goal for way too long
We're all for a man going back to school or focusing more on his education than anything, but if he's been an undergrad for nearly 10 years, it's time to give him the boot. Not only does he find it difficult to commit to something, he's probably too dependent on others. "If he's living with his family, not working, a perpetual student without ever getting a degree, and doesn't have a life plan that includes a career, chances are he's looking for a mother figure in you, someone to take care of him-not someone to be his girlfriend or wife," Masini says.

5. He doesn't like the same things you do

Sure, experts have argued that opposites attract, but they mean mostly in terms of emotional personalities. But if you're with a guy who just is not compatible with you at all, then it likely won't work out in the long run. Success in relationships depends a lot on knowing what you want, and making sure your partner wants it too. "The minute you realize he isn't interested in the same thing you are, it's time to move on," Masini advises.

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6. He's rude to waiters and waitresses
If you're out on a date and he's constantly rude or condescending to the employees, this is a sign that he not only doesn't know how to act in public but he's on some sort of power trip. The same way he trash talks his mother and ex, if he knows that he's "above" someone and isn't afraid to show it, it can mean you're next in line for this type of behavior.

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