6 Reasons Sex is Good for You

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Not that you need any reason to have sex, but these health benefits will justify the need to get a little dirty once in a while. Not only does it feel good, sex is really good for you overall.

By Ariel Nagi

1. It can make you look younger
We know that crazy, hot sex can make you feel younger, but did you know it can actually make you look younger? One Scottish researcher claims that having sex three times a week can make you look up to ten years younger.

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2. It beats stress
A recent study of students at the State University of New York in Albany showed that semen acts as a good antidepressant. Next time you're feeling under the weather, get down with him, and we promise you'll get a good night's sleep.

3. It boosts self-esteem
In a University of Texas study, boosting self-esteem was one of the top reasons people have sex. Participants said the act often made them feel better about themselves and their bodies.

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4. It burns calories
Though we recently learned it doesn't burn as much as we thought (sex only burns about 21 calories on average), it's still an excuse for a quick workout before you go to bed. Plus, these findings are a little foggy, one personal trainer told Cosmopolitan that depending on the sex act, you can actually burn up to 440 calories.

5. It cures migraines
A recent study in Germany showed that sex was successful in treating the migraines in 60 percent of people surveyed. Let's throw away our Ibuprofen, then.

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6. It boosts immunity
According to a Wilkes University study, having sex once or twice a week has been linked to higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which can protect you from the common cold and other infections. Students who had sex once or twice a week showed higher levels of IgA than those who had less sex.

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