The 5 Most Elaborate Marriage Proposals Ever

By Jillian Lucas for HowAboutWe


If you don't get at least a little choked up by these proposals, then maybe you should ask the Grinch to marry you. (In a boring, non-elaborate way, of course.) These marriage proposals go above and beyond the typical on-bended-knee gesture and to some, may seem like just a delusion of grandeur. But they're still pretty freaking cute. Ladies, I'd like to personally thank you for saying yes, because I have seen videos of crazy proposals gone wrong and I just... can't... take it sometimes.

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These crazy Russians. When Alexey Bykov wanted to propose to his long-time girlfriend Irena Kolokov, things got messy. He chose to fake his own death but made up for it by proposing to Bykov while she weeped. ROMANCE ISN'T DEAD PEOPLE.


Marching band! Dancing Jews! Oh god, this song is going to be stuck in my head all day but this is just so damn cute. Actor Isaac Lamb chose a live Broadway lip-dubbed musical to propose to his girlfriend Amy Frankel as she road on the back of a car.

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IF MY BOYFRIEND DOESN'T MAKE ME A GODDAMN MOVIE TRAILER TO PROPOSE TO ME I QUIT. No but seriously, I feel like I'm just ruining proposals for all fiancés to be by showing these. This is the proposal from the one and only David Pogue and should go down in history as the most awesome, badass proposal ever.



I think this proposal is such a tell-tale of the times. Groupon has given people on a budget a new wind when it comes to romance, and Greg Hill decided to use this to his advantage. He made a fake Groupon deal to ask his girlfriend Dana Burck to marry him by "purchasing" the deal of a lifetime. Literally.

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Brainacs can be romantic too! Corey Newman popped the question to his girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein, by hiding it in the boxes of the Washington Post's Sunday crossword puzzle. An acrostic proposal makes my inner-nerd tingle.